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      2. One Hundred Years Of Zishan Strong Enterprise In Agriculture

        To provide safe, healthy, safe food for the community!

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        Good news! Purple Mountain Group has received multiple commendations

        Good news! Purple Mountain Group has received multiple commendations

        Recently, the Fujian Provincial Federation of Trade Unions awarded Zishan Group the title of "Fujian Private Enterprise Party Building Leading Unit for Industrial Construction". This is an important achievement achieved by Zishan Group in party building work, which not only affirms the group's party building work, but also recognizes the group's development strategy of adherin...

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        Purple mountain group

        Purple mountain group was founded in March 1984, is located in southern China "food city" in China, known as "China of canned" and Chinese mushroom city of zhangzhou, after 38 years of rolling development Has established base construction, production processing and marketing as one of the food chain, machinable various agricultural and sideline products nearly 200000 tons, is the agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise, China canned industry top ten enterprises, national food industry key enterprises, for many years by the zhangzhou government named "large taxpayer".