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      2. Group Summary

        Purple mountain group was founded in March 1984, is located in southern China "Chinese food city", known as "China of canned", and "the Chinese mushroom," said the zhangzhou, after 40 years of rolling development, has established base construction, production processing and marketing as one of the food chain, machinable various agricultural and sideline products nearly 200000 tons, is the agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprises and China canned industry top ten enterprises, national food industry key enterprises for many years by zhangzhou government named "large taxpayer".

        Purple mountain focus on food production and export, the products include canned, pickles, curry, mineral water, frozen aquatic products, fruit and vegetable concentrate, mushroom factory several categories, such as planting are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, southeast Asia, Russia, the world more than 60 countries and regions, export code "Q51" international reputation especially in Japan, Germany, on food quality requirements strictly the national high market recognition abroad canned canned purple mountain, on behalf of the Chinese image.

        Zishan group insists on the mission of "providing safe, healthy and safe food for society"; Grasps "for consumers to buy the purple mountain product equal to buy the rest assured, eat to purple mountain products is equal to health" brand of cultural beliefs, always attaches great importance to food quality and safety management, has passed ISO9002 and HACCP, "o", "jewish", American FDA authentication, European BRC (global food technical standard) and IFS (such as international food standards) certification. Purple mountain group has led and participated in the formulation and revision of six national or industry standards, such as canned asparagus, canned shellfish and canned fish. The group has 12 valid patents, one of which is the invention patent, and the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements is 85%.

        The brics meeting in xiamen in 2017, "purple mountain parsley heart" and "purple mountain canned yellow peach" in the bric banquet food, "purple mountain products, the quality of the brics" are exported to international markets of purple mountain food has won the acceptance of international event. Company production of mushroom, canned asparagus, litchi production volume in the same line, "purple mountain" brand trademark was named the national well-known trademarks, purple mountain tomato juice was rated as "China canned products" innovation ability and purple mountain "fountain of youth" to be designated as xiamen airlines.

        Vigorously extending industrial chain, in recent years, the purple mountain group invested the purple mountain mushroom valley industrial park, is committed to build China's largest and the most advanced technology in modern food industry group. On May 19, 2016, zishan biological new third board was successfully listed. At the same time, the company, taking advantage of the coastal geographical and exports to the eu seafood certification (zhangzhou only three), add 2 fish fillet production line, engaged in high-end development and comprehensive utilization, canned fish project belongs to the fujian province first, advanced technology at the provincial level, the market competition advantage is obvious.

        Zishan group has been evaluated by the state administration for industry and commerce for 13 consecutive years as a "national contract heavy credit enterprise", and was rated as a "double-a-level enterprise" by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. The chairman of the group, hong changshui, was named as "national model worker", and was appointed as economic and social development advisor by the government of hongze district, huaian city, jiangsu province. The group President hongshui river is the national light industry labor model, fujian excellent entrepreneur.

        As an export-oriented enterprise, purple mountain group is doing steady export business at the same time, actively explore the domestic market, to purple mountain "fountain of youth", "purple mountain farm" and series of ready-to-eat products, successfully developed tomato juice, MaiZai tea drinks and rice porridge, soup, such as simple food, "international quality, people sharing", the market good response.

        On May 8, 2009, the prime minister met with the chairman of hong changshui.