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      2. Reserve cadres

        Reserve cadres

        Number of recruiters: several

        Gender: unlimited

        Age: 20-30 years old

        Education level: above high school

        Salary and benefits: 3000-5000

        Monthly rest: 2 days

        Welfare restaurant, paid five insurances, and free air-conditioned dormitory

        Welfare policy:

        1. Boarding food and accommodation, with a large restaurant featuring a variety of stir fried dishes, snacks, rice, and more;

        2. Provide free accommodation (6-8 people/room free of water and electricity fees), air conditioning, and public bathrooms;

        3. The holiday benefits are continuous, and gifts are given during the Mid Autumn Festival and Spring Festival;

        4. Organize large-scale cultural and artistic activities during major festivals to enrich leisure life;

        5. Adjacent to the Zhangzhou high-speed train station, the transportation is convenient.

        6. Route: Go to Zhangzhou Passenger Transport Center Station and take buses 29 # and 901 # at the stopping platform - stop at "Xiagong Station" at Zhangzhou High Speed Railway Station (the journey takes about 10-15 minutes).

        Contact person: Miss Zeng

        Contact number: 0596-6667199; Zeng 13205969939

        Email: hr@zishan.cn

        Company address: Zishan Industrial Park, Yancuo Town, Longhai City, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province (near Zhangzhou high-speed train station)

        Recruitment position

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