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      2. Hongze Zishan Edible Fungus Silicon Valley Industrial Park

        Hongze Zishan Edible Fungus Silicon Valley Industrial Park is set up by Fujian Zishan Group Co.,Ltd, which is national agricultureindustrialization leading company, top ten Chinese cannery, national leadingfood industry enterprise. The project is located in Sanhe town, Hongze county,one kilometer from Sanhe exit of G25 expressway, 1.5 kilometers from Ninglianhighway, one hour from Huai’an airport, 150kilometers from Nanjing airport, well connected andconvenient. The project will have: RMB500 million investment, 500Mu of land,annual output of edible fungus 35,000 tons, including Phase 1: 96 automatic airconditioned growing rooms,16 tunnels, 8 simple demonstration rooms; Phase 2 and 3:one mushroom spawn workshop and one canning workshop(which can process freshmushroom 50tons). With the mission of Provide safe, healthy and worry-free foodto society, Hongze Zishan will build a whole mushroom industry chain with its privatebrand, fresh product, processing, storage and transport, and marketing,providing Green and Non-pollution mushroom products, committed to become theChina’s biggest, most technically advanced mushroom modern farm and acompetitive modern food processing group with influential brand.