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      2. Although the military uniform has been released, the soul of the army is still present | Zishan Grou


        On the afternoon of July 31st, Zishan Group held a symposium on "Celebrating August 1st" for retired soldiers, where retired comrades gathered together to celebrate the military building holiday. Hong Changshui, Chairman of Zishan Group, attended the meeting, while Gao Qiongshan, Vice President of the Group and Chairman of the Labor Union, presided over the meeting.



        The atmosphere of the symposium was warm, with over ten retired soldiers reminiscing about those unforgettable and passionate years, sharing their own journey and expressing their determination not to retire and not fade away.

        At the meeting, Chairman Hong Changshui extended holiday greetings to the retired soldiers, acknowledged their contributions to the company in their respective work positions, and wrote "Military Soul" with a splash of ink to send to them. He stated that retired soldiers are the backbone of Zishan and play an important role in all aspects of the company's work. He hopes that everyone will always carry forward the glorious tradition of "obeying the Party's command, being able to win battles, and having a good style of work", maintain the spirit of never retiring and never fading after retirement, actively provide advice and suggestions for Zishan's production and development, and make new contributions to Zishan's brighter future.



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