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      2. Hongshui River, President of Zishan Group, was awarded the title of


        November 1, 2023 is the first "Zhangzhou Entrepreneur Day". Recently, the list of outstanding entrepreneurs in Zhangzhou City for the year 2022 was officially announced. The enterprise covers multiple fields including food processing, equipment manufacturing, building materials and home furnishings, metallurgical new materials, electronic information, construction industry, new energy, finance, etc. Hongshui River, President of Zishan Group, was awarded the title of "Outstanding Entrepreneur of Zhangzhou City in 2022".

        It is reported that this selection was organized by the Zhangzhou Enterprise and Entrepreneur Federation. After multiple stages such as recommendation registration, preliminary evaluation review, public voting, candidate public announcement, and evaluation by judges, 46 entrepreneurs performed excellently in patriotism, hard work, innovative development, integrity and law abiding, fulfilling responsibilities, and broadening their horizons. They played a demonstration and driving role as excellent entrepreneurs, reflecting the spirit and style of outstanding entrepreneurs in the new era, and ultimately won this honor.


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