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      2. Longxing's Future | Purple Mountain Group Holds the 2024 Work Conference


        On January 26th, amidst the resolute and confident singing of "The Song of Purple Mountain", the 2024 Work Conference of Purple Mountain Group was grandly held. Chairman Hong Changshui and Group executives such as President Honghonghe attended the meeting, which was chaired by Vice President Gao Qiongshan.

        At the meeting, the president delivered an annual work report. The report points out that 2023 has been an exceptionally difficult year, and in the post pandemic era, the economic situation has not experienced the expected rebound, but has instead shown a more complex and challenging landscape. Under the correct leadership of the board of directors, the group company closely focuses on the business goals set at the beginning of the year, focuses on three major areas: innovative development, expanding internal and external stability, and promoting construction, properly responds to various risks and challenges, actively adapts to the new normal of economic development, accelerates enterprise transformation and upgrading, and steadily makes progress in enterprise production, operation, and all aspects of work. On behalf of the group company, he expresses high respect to Chairman Hong Changshui and heartfelt gratitude to all employees who have worked hard in various positions!


        Report on the Work of Group President Hongshui River

        In the face of 2024, President Hongshui He stated that 2024 marks the 40th anniversary of Zishan and a crucial year for our development. Under the leadership of the board of directors, in the trend of consumer degradation, Zishan should focus on the main line of "cost reduction and efficiency improvement", and achieve the "four strong", that is, to strengthen the ability to govern enterprises and forge the strength of management; The foundation of strong quality and the line of ensuring safety; Strong innovation and building the foundation of the brand; A strong army, shaping the soul of the team.

        At the conference, Chairman Hong Changshui gave a vivid analysis of "Longxing's Future" and encouraged all people in Zishan to work hard and actively with two corporate cases - "Haichen Speed" and "Daqin Spirit".


        Group Chairman Hong Changshui delivers a speech

        Finally, the conference commended a group of outstanding employees and managers to motivate all employees to work harder and move forward. At the same time, the group leaders also signed target responsibility agreements with the heads of various units, clarifying the work goals and tasks for the new year.

        Hongshui River (right), President of Zishan Group, signs a target responsibility agreement with the unit leader

        Group photo of outstanding managers, employees, and executives of Zishan Group for the year 2023

        In the new year, with a new journey and new achievements, all people of Zishan will present their 40th anniversary of Zishan with a more full spirit, a higher fighting spirit, a more positive attitude, integrity and innovation, courage and determination to move forward, and with the appearance of leaping dragons and tigers, the resilience of fish leaping over dragon gates, and the outstanding achievements of revitalizing the dragon in all things!


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