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      2. Good news! Purple Mountain Group has received multiple commendations


        Recently, the Fujian Provincial Federation of Trade Unions awarded Zishan Group the title of "Fujian Private Enterprise Party Building Leading Unit for Industrial Construction". This is an important achievement achieved by Zishan Group in party building work, which not only affirms the group's party building work, but also recognizes the group's development strategy of adhering to the leadership of party building and the integration of industry and construction. This honor will inspire Zishan Group to continue strengthening its party building work, continuously improving its work mechanism, innovating its work methods, and promoting the development of the enterprise to a new level.



        On February 19th, Zhangzhou High tech Zone held its 2024 annual work conference. At the meeting, Lin Peixing, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Working Committee, announced and commended a group of enterprises that have achieved outstanding results in economic construction, legal taxation, and high-quality development in the High tech Zone. Zishan Group was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Economic Construction" in Zhangzhou High tech Zone in 2023.



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