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      2. Shandong cao county zishan canned food co. LTD

        Company main production and processing asparagus and peach two products, its production scale is: asparagus, annual processing capacity of more than 4000 tons, yellow peach processing capacity of 3500 tons, grapes, pears, apples, pepper and so on for additional products, annual processing capacity falls of more than 2000 tons, in general, our annual production and processing all kinds of products are around ten thousand tons.

        Company set up highly responsible for the sense of social responsibility to consumers, attaches great importance to quality management, the company set up perfect quality assurance system, product production process in strict accordance with the GMP and HACCP to the production, in 2005 the company successfully passed HACCP certification by a third party.

        Integrity, collaboration, dedication, innovation is our purpose, we firmly believe that, with purple mountain strong management strength and good business reputation, and bearing the social from all walks of life support and help, purple mountain cinda tomorrow will be better, let us work hand in hand to create brilliant.