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      2. Mealtime-Rice with Curry Beef Mealtime-Rice with Curry Beef

        Mealtime-Rice with Curry Beef

        Product introduction

        Select northeast Wuchang rice with full grains and strong fragrance; dehydrate and cook rice bags quickly to avoid reheating cooked rice and reduce the soft q-bombs of the first cooked rice.

        A variety of Southeast Asian mixed spices secret made of high-quality curry, thick sauce, soft waxy potatoes and fully flavored beef, instantly conquer your stomach.

        High temperature and high pressure sterilization, no preservative, keep the original muscle of food; authentic technology, lock the pot gas, enjoy the famous flavor anytime and anywhere.

        Contact information of agent Alliance:

        Mr. Wei: 18065699788

        Mr. Zeng: 18065699978

        Product details