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      2. The Enterprise Culture

        Company Mission And Tenet

        The hundred years purple mountain strong enterprise agriculture.

        Company's Vision

        10 Billion Zishan, 100 Years Zishan

        Zishan’s Spirit
        Zishan’s Motto

        Business motto: shengshi teaches me cherish every encounter as fate has it, Yin shi to teach me to be grateful, success teaches me to be grateful, responsibility teaches me to work hard, the profession teaches me to work hard, the market teaches me to innovate...

        Work aphorism: use the personality to do things, do not do the job as a kind of disgrace, a kind of personality damage.

        Learn the maxim: learning can change the idea, change the life, change everything.

        Business Philosophy

        Management culture: oriented by the needs, with the goal of win-win, quality as the core and service as the means.

        Product culture: to gain credibility with quality, enhance value by brand, lead fashion by innovation, and win competition by cost.

        Market culture: the customer is the market, the heart is the market, reputation is the market, the door is the market.

        Marketing culture: implement precise positioning, seize mental resources, create cultural concepts, and take the lead in people's hearts.

        Talent culture: the talent of virtue, free to use; To cultivate and use virtue without virtue; Have no virtue, limit use; No, no, no, no.

        Purple Mountain Person Honor And Disgrace View

        It is a shame to lose business, to keep a mediocre job, to start a business, and to have a good career.